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Ashley Steffans Photography
Ashley Steffans Photography

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Today I’m featuring the following article written by Rev. Katrina Evans, a wonderful woman I can vouch for is sincere and dedicated to what she does.   And is that photo above not beautiful?  The long flowing wispy gown, the flowers, the colors, Ah!   Gorgeousness.  Nice job with the photo Ashely Steffans!   And I’m looking to find out who designed the bouquet and headpiece.  Very romantic!

By the way, you don’t have to invest in a gown for an elopement with Rev. Katrina Evans.  Whatever you’re comfortable with will be fine.  No pressure.  I just wanted to show you that beautiful picture!     –  Lisa Erhard/ keyboard/piano/vocals for weddings and events

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And now… for Katrina’s article.  Check this out!

Written by Rev. Katrina Evans

Asheville North Carolina is trending hard as one of the top destination locations to get married. Couples from all over the United States are traveling by car or plane to visit one of their favorite cities. They are visiting for more than just a cozy fun weekend but they are coming here to take that next step in the journey of their love by saying ‘I do.’

As an officiant in one of the most visited locations on the East Coast I am delight when couples contact me. Whether they have knowledge of the area and I am simply assisting them in deciding where and when, or if they are visiting for the first time and it takes a little more time to plan their ‘idyllic ceremony,’ it does not matter to me my goal is always to work on their behalf to make the planning as simple as possible. The end goal is to capture their love for each other and find that location that express who they are. Myself and the other vendors who assist have the same goal – for the couple to reflect back and say ‘ we could never have wanted anything more than what we experienced, it was perfect.’

When a couple begins to explore the options and they discover that the only thing that they are truly giving up some of their guests and the hassle of planning for months and of course the expense it’s almost like a breath of fresh air when they say ‘yes’ to eloping. Destination Elopements WNC and the vendors involved simply want the couple to understand that having a big wedding is not for everyone. Whether having the big wedding or not having the big wedding we really convey to them that this really is not the main focus. The focus is the love they share and how they would like to get married.

As an officiant I love officiating any size wedding but eloping is trending hard in the Untied States as well as abroad and I love what I do, the people I meet and the experiences along the way.

I always want to know the couples story and enjoy seeing the story of their love expressed in their ceremony.

Eloping is trending hard in Asheville, NC and I am so happy to assist couples searching for an officiant who cares and is professional and will guide them through the whole process. So congratulations if you just got engaged contact me I would like to hear your story of love and how I might be able to assist you as you plan.

I am a native of Western North Carolina and grew up in the Asheville area. This is my home and I love this region.
I am also a hopeless romantic and a dedicated officiant and advocate for love.
So whether you are searching for an officiant for your full day celebration or a small intimate elopement – I hope that you will give me an opportunity to assist you in planning a ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple and the love you share.
 My parents eloped over 50 years ago in a blue convertible. It’s funny how history rewrites itself I eloped two years ago to the love of my life.
  So contact me today and let’s chat…..
I look forward to working with you!
~ Rev. Katrina Evans

​Lead Officiant & Owner