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Asheville Ceremony and Cocktail Music

Lisa Erhard, the owner/ president of SoundArts, Inc.  has a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music is Boston and has been in the music field for 25 years.

Both performer and composer/producer, Lisa Erhard has studied music with some of the finest teachers in the US, and performed at many parties, functions, special occasions, and weddings as a pianist and keyboard player, as well as a singer.

Originally from New York, she studied piano from the age of 7 and performed in numerous recitals and productions. Early training emphasized a classical foundation, learning compositions by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and others. in addition to a list of outstanding piano teachers, Lisa also received coaching from the reknowned Olga Barabini (coach of concert pianist Garrick Ohlsson)

Active in both music and acting, she developed skills at reaching out, motivating, and inspriing people through her work in a number of stage productions, including original works produced in Westchester county, NY.

She then took her talents onward to study with the renowned Anne Koscielny at Hartt School of Music at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, where she completed 2 years full time study, and then earned her Bachelor of Arts in music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, there studying with the amazing jazz pianist/composer Ray Santisi. In addition to piano study she also had vocal coaching with Gerry Martin from New England Conservatory of Music.

Lisa developed her Jazz skills, including improvisation while at Berklee College of Music (a jazz school), and worked tirelessly on her own compositions, merging a number of styles and influences (jazz, classical, folk, pop), and has sells her music worldwide.

Also a piano teacher, Lisa has been able to share her gifts and well rounded training with others, in a motivating upbeat manner, striving to encourage the best results for each student.