Make it personal to your taste

What type of music would you like to hear when you’re walking down the aisle?

There are really many options for your ceremony music.  What I recommend is to familiarize yourself with the standard wedding marches and music, and then take some time to consider if you’re happy with one of those as your option for walking down the aisle.

Remember it’s your very special day, so the music should feel right   Of course you can leave it up to the musician to choose something for you.  But…what I recommend is that you try out some different wedding marches, and listen to them when you have a little time to your self and try walking to that music.  Imagine that it’s your special day and that’s the music you’ll be walking down the aisle to.

Does it feel right?  Is that the music that you’ll be happy with?

I recommend not leaving this decision to the very last minute.  Since you’re most likely giving quite a lot of thought about many details of your wedding, I recommend that you do the same for the music that you’ll be experiencing right before you say ” I Do”.

If it feels right, that’s the piece for you.

In the next post, I’ll be talking about tempo and how that effects the feel of the music.  Tempo is basically the speed that the music is playing.  Something playing slowly has a very different effect than one that’s fast.   Then there’s timing too.  That is, the amount of music you’ll need for your bridal party.  Don’t worry though, as a professional wedding ceremony musician here in Asheville, I will know how much music is needed for the time frame allotted.   You can choose a tempo (fast, medium, or slow) and even if the music runs out before you get to the end of the aisle, it can be repeated again with a tailored ended timed perfectly to match the end of your processional.

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Congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding!

Lisa Erhard