Farmer’s Daughter Catering/ Asheville


Here is a beautiful catering company in Asheville called “Farmer’s Daughter Catering”.   You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.    Response time is fast. Phone: Call (828) 279-2308   They offer a variety of options including vegan.  They cater parties and weddings.  Lunches too!   Here are just a few reviews from satisfied cudsdtomers.   A birthday … Read more

Side by side wedding gown comparison/ What do you think?

Ok.  I couldn’t resist.  I absolutely love beautiful wedding gowns.  I can’t enough of them!   Here’s one I just found online. Would you buy yours online?   Hmmm.   Well, I guess if they have a return policy you’re good.  And that’s as long as you don’t have an insane time crunch.  Then if you need the … Read more

Here’s one of my favorite wedding Ceremony pieces. A masterpiece!

Air on a G String/ J.S. Bach for Wedding Ceremony As mentioned a recent post, I was going to talk about tempo of music, which refers to the speed of the beat.   This particular masterpiece was written as an orchestral suite in the 18th Century by J.S. Bach originally composed for three trumpets, timpani, two … Read more

Calling all Bridal consultants and Wedding Planners!

Please contact me if you’re interested in contributing to this blog.  I’d love to feature you here.   You don’t have to be located in Asheville, NC ,as long as you have some helpful tips to share that can be included here about what you offer.     Any couple shopping for this special occasion can really appreciate … Read more

Make it personal to your taste

Wedding ceremony musician Asheville NC

What type of music would you like to hear when you’re walking down the aisle? There are really many options for your ceremony music.  What I recommend is to familiarize yourself with the standard wedding marches and music, and then take some time to consider if you’re happy with one of those as your option … Read more