Side by side wedding gown comparison/ What do you think?

Ok.  I couldn’t resist.  I absolutely love beautiful wedding gowns.  I can’t enough of them!   Here’s one I just found online.

Would you buy yours online?   Hmmm.   Well, I guess if they have a return policy you’re good.  And that’s as long as you don’t have an insane time crunch.  Then if you need the dress altered you could take it to a seamstress.   Of course, not everybody looks like a fashion model.  But still… is this NOT a beautiful picture?   I love the sleeves and the way the dress falls.   I could just die…

I found this one here at   Click on the photo and it will take you to the page where you can view it.   I can’t believe it starts at 99.00 bucks and goes up to 139.00.  How is that possible?  Wow!    It’s not my store.  I’m not profiting in any way.  I just wanted to share the gorgeousness with you.  And hey, if you happen to be looking for a gown, and this is one you like, go for it!

What do you think?  Post your comments below!

Here’s another one.  A bit more money though.  Found it on Nordstrom’s site.   Very unique and elegant.   This one comes in at 3950.00.   It’s a Rosa Clara ‘Delfos’ Beaded Back Ballgown Dress.      How do like this one?    Post your comments below!  Let’s share!

I’m just a little uncomfortable at how young this model appears to be.  I could be wrong, but she doesn’t look a day over 14? 15?  You know, now that I think about it, it wasn’t all that long ago, that would be an acceptable age for a bride.  But still… I couldn’t help but notice this in the picture.  It’s still a beautiful shot though!

Here’s the link to get to find this dress at the Nordstrom site.