Farmer’s Daughter Catering/ Asheville


Here is a beautiful catering company in Asheville called “Farmer’s Daughter Catering”.   You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.    Response time is fast. Phone: Call (828) 279-2308   They offer a variety of options including vegan.  They cater parties and weddings.  Lunches too!   Here are just a few reviews from satisfied cudsdtomers.   A birthday … Read more

Side by side wedding gown comparison/ What do you think?

Ok.  I couldn’t resist.  I absolutely love beautiful wedding gowns.  I can’t enough of them!   Here’s one I just found online. Would you buy yours online?   Hmmm.   Well, I guess if they have a return policy you’re good.  And that’s as long as you don’t have an insane time crunch.  Then if you need the … Read more